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Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen II: Where Did Silva's Knee Land?

Sonnen-Silva II had as much controversy pre-fight as it did during the action as many accused Anderson Silva of greasing, holding shorts and throwing a knee to the head of a downed Chael Sonnen. A content Silva addressed the stoppage and knees in an interview with MMA Fighting following the victory.

When asked where the suspect strike landed, "The Spider" responded, "I don't know. Maybe in the chest."

Regardless of Silva's comments, a replay revealed that the blow did not land on Sonnen's head and a usually brash Oregonian was silent about any foul play, further confirming a legal knee.

Silva was not as forthcoming when asked about Yves Lavigne's stoppage however, commenting, "I don't know. I don't know."

After finishing his rival for the second time, Silva appears to be at ease with his career in the Octagon. The thirty-seven year old explained that he's happy with his performance and is ready to spend some more time at home.

"Me and Chael and all the fighters need to work together for this sport to be in the top in the world. That's it. I'm happy. I finished my work and am back to my family."

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