Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen II: Nevada Athletic Commission Not Accepting Silva's Apology?


Keith Kizer is a man you don't really want to upset when it comes to being an MMA fighter. Kizer, the executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission, let it be known that Anderson Silva's actions over the past week were not how a champion is suppose to act.

Silva, the UFC middleweight champion, pushed his most recent opponent, Chael Sonnen, after a pre-fight press conference. "The Spider" also threw a shoulder into the chin of Sonnen after the weigh-ins.

Despite all that, no further actions will be taken against Silva, Kizer said, because Sonnen didn't want to push the issue any more.

"I wanted to respect Chael's opinion," said Kizer, during a recent interview with "He definitely doesn't need me to fight his battles. Hopefully, we'll never see anything like that again from Mr. Silva."

Silva informed Kizer that all the actions taken by Sonnen in the past two years just caused him to become frustrated. Sonnen made it a point to call out Silva's country, his friends and even his family in several interviews.

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