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Anderson Silva on Vitor Belfort: "He's a Coward"

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When the news broke that Jon Jones had been arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence, the reaction from some fans was downright gleeful. With this kind of petty celebration being the norm among many fight fans, it's no wonder that the fighters rarely reveal all of themselves to the public.

Unfortunately, this also leads to those same fans quickly calling a fighter out for being fake. C'est la vie.

In that vein, during a recently-aired episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva was caught candidly revealing his true feelings toward Vitor Belfort, a former friend/training partner whom he decimated in a title fight last year.

"I know his weakness. You can't step back, he's a coward," Silva told his current friend/past training partner Wanderlei Silva, who'll be fighting Belfort this summer. "You know? Really go for it. Hey! I still have a microphone here!"

When someone points out that the whole world will know how he really feels about The Phenom, the champ said, "Nah, hold on a minute. I'm not telling any lies. Everyone knows."

And when Rafael Cordeiro shows Silva the defaced picture of Belfort on the gym wall, The Spider tells him that "they forgot to write 'cutie' underneath."

If you read between the lines here, I think you'll get the impression that Silva doesn't hold Belfort in terribly high esteem…

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