Anderson Silva Still Wants to Fight Georges St-Pierre


There was a time when a super fight between UFC champions Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre seemed imminent; fans were clamoring for it, media outlets ran all the Silva-GSP stories they could and both the two fighters and UFC brass seemed on board.

Some time later the match fell apart. Match ups presented themselves in both champions' respective divisions, St-Pierre felt hesitant about bulking up and the UFC bosses cooled to the idea. Talk of the drool-inducing match up has fallen off, but that doesn't mean that all of the significant parties involved have lost interest, as Silva revealed during a recent appearance on ESPN LA 710AM.

"Georges St-Pierre is the best fight (for me) in this sport," Silva said when asked of the potential fight against GSP. "In my opinion, this is a great, great, great fight, me and Georges St-Pierre. I like Georges St-Pierre, he's a good man. He's a good guy for this sport, represents the sport and all the people in Canada. Maybe one day, this is a good fight."

Before Silva can tangle with St-Pierre, he'll have to take on his arch-rival, Chael Sonnen, which he'll do sometime this summer in Brazil, in defense of his middleweight title.

For his part, the welterweight champion must put his focus on recovering from a torn right ACL that will have him on the shelf until fall, when he's expected to face the holder of the interim 170lbs. title.

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