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Anderson Silva’s Injury, Broken Leg Aftermath (Video)

At UFC 168, Anderson Silva went out the way most of the greats ultimately go out. It would have been fantastic if Michael Jordan had walked away after beating the Utah Jazz, or Jerry Rice had hung it up with the San Francisco 49ers. But that’s not the way it works. The legends always think they can go out on their own terms, and never actually do.

Silva entered Saturday night’s rematch against Chris Weidman looking a like he did when he fought Chael Sonnen again. He knew that he was going up against a guy who had his number, and that his little mind games wouldn’t work.

Weidman dominated Silva in the first round, and likely would have continued to dominate in the second if this hadn’t happened on a checked kick:

Silva’s recovery is supposed to take anywhere from three to six months. By the time he’s eligible to return to the cage, he’ll be 39 years old. He has lost his last two matches, and he’s out of contention for a shot at the middleweight crown unless Weidman loses to Vitor Belfort.

The smart money says Silva’s days as a UFC fighter are finished.


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