Anderson Silva Presents His Terms for a Possible Fight vs. Jon Jones

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Well, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva definitely has a sense of humor. During a recent interview in Brazil, Silva was asked about a potential super-fight with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

"The question (about facing Jones) would have to be made to Dana White. Let's ask if he'll give me 50-percent of the UFC," Silva said (thanks to Tatame for transcribing). "If he will, maybe this fight will happen. I have personal projects outside of the UFC and want to put them in practice."

The odds of that happening are slim and none, as Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta currently own 40.5-percent of the UFC, while White and the Abu Dhabi-based Flash own nine and 10-percent.

Silva added that he is opening an MMA academy in Los Angeles and that "I want to do my thing, take some air, spend time with family. I have more to do than take punches to the face."

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