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Anderson Silva Plans on Fighting for a Long Time

When reports of Anderson Silva's retirement come up, the UFC middleweight champion tends to avoid making it known what he actually feels like will be the end date for his career. However, in a recent interview with Globo SporTV, "The Spider" claims he has several years left in MMA.

"Everyone things that. I've imagined myself in a lake, fishing with my grandchildren and my wife calling me into the house...joke," Silva said. "Not thought of yet. I think I still have another 10-year career, but have not discussed my contract with the UFC. After this fight, I think there are still two or three, I'm not sure. They just call me and say they need 'The Spider.' And then I go."

Silva's next fight will be against Chael Sonnen in a rematch. The bout is likely to happen later this year in Brazil, which would give Silva a huge advantage in terms of crowd support.

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