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Anderson Silva Offers a Weird Take on Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen undeniably raised his profile and made his name by waging a pro-wrestling style smear campaign against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Creating a rivalry out of thin air, Sonnen has relentlessly badgered the champion, insulting his friends, family and home country along the way.

Sonnen's efforts have seen him fast-tracked to a second title shot against Silva, having earned a rematch with The Spider after picking up two victories since submitting to Silva in their original UFC 117 battle. In Silva's eyes, this makes no sense.

Speaking with SporTV (props to BloodyElbow for the translation), Silva explained why he thinks Sonnen is presently undeserving of another shot at the belt.

"(What does Chael Sonnen represent for my career?) Nothing! He's possessed by a demon. That's the truth," said Silva. "He's an athlete that failed the drug test, I fought him while injured, and he had problems with the American justice system. He respects nothing and he didn't respect our country. What does he represent? Nothing.

"I respect the opinions and the positions of the promoters of the fight and the owners of the event, but in my opinion he shouldn't get the chance to fight me again. But that's not something that I can decide. I will get ready for the fight just as I would with any other."

Silva and Sonnen are expected to meet this Summer in Brazil, possibly as the main event of UFC 147.

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