Anderson Silva Not Fond of How Much Chael Sonnen Talks

As you might expect, the interview with Anderson Silva on Tuesday night's UFC Tonight show was centered on his impending match with Chael Sonnen. Silva-Sonnen II is set to take place this summer from Brazil, leaving the UFC middleweight champion anxiously awaiting the fight.

Sonnen has continued to verbally attack "The Spider" since Silva claimed a submission victory over him after being battered for four rounds. Sonnen earned his title shot by defeating Michael Bisping recently.

"Chael talks too much," Silva said (thanks to MMAFighting.com for transcribing). "Chael needs to train. No more talk, train. Going to Brazil? Big problem."

Silva didn't need a translator for this interview, adding, "I don't care about Chael Sonnen," despite the numerous attacks Sonnen has made on Silva, his family, and his training partners. Silva has not fought since defeating Yushin Okami in 2011, as recovery for a shoulder injury has taken extra time to heal.

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