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Anderson Silva Acts a Fool at UFC 112, Embarrasses Sport and Himself

It’s nice to know that well-paid professionals can’t set aside petty differences for the sake of putting a good product on TV.

At UFC 112 Saturday night, fighting Demian Maia, Silva exhibited some very strange behavior. Throughout the fight he would bang the floor, run around in circles, and make crazy faces as if to mock both his opponent and the crowd. By the fifth round, the sellout crowd was chanting Maia’s name, almost praying that by some miracle he would knock his clearly-superior opponent out.

Silva ended up winning by scores of 50-45, 50-45 and 49-46.

You know you’re you’ve done something wrong when UFC President Dana White throws the championship belt at your manager before walking away in disgust. After the match, the always outspoken White was seething in rage as he spoke to the media.

“I’ll answer the questions about what a disgrace the main event was and what an embarrassment it is…I don’t think I’ve ever been more embarrassed in 10 years of being in this business. It’s the first time I’ve ever walked out of a main event.”

Never one to back down from any of his fighters, the UFC president rushed into Silva’s trailer to berate him. White who almost single-handedly turned mixed martial arts from a PPV freak-show to a respected sport watched by casual fans, always makes it a priority that his fans get the more bang for their buck at all PPV events.

For his part, Silva had this to say: “I came here well-trained, but Demian disrespected me, not as a person, but he disrespected me as a fighter. I take that very seriously. I came here to do my job, which was to beat him up and punish him. That’s exactly what I did.”

Kudos on exhibiting so much maturity, Mr. Silva.

At the very least, Silva’s circus act appears to have cost him a shot at the UFC’s Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre.

Said White: “He doesn’t deserve to fight GSP,”

Silva’s actions are reminiscent of shots in comedy flicks where a guy aims to hit one person, but ends up knocking out another. The UFC champ aimed to humiliate his opponent, but ended up embarrassing his sport, his sponsors, and himself.  


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