2011 March Madness: Louisville Upset by Morehead


Well, that sucked.

Even though Morehead State was playing the Cards tough the entire game, I was extremely confident UofL would pull out a win. Then Preston Knowles got hurt and nerves instantly came over me. Morehead made their run and more importantly, made big shots. They deserved it and they get to advance with a 62-61 win over the Cards.

I’ll get into this more in the next few days, but even without Preston Knowles being able to play, free throws cost Louisville the game. The Cards shot a pathetic 7-16 from the charity stripe, that’s 44%. Rick Pitino said afterwards rebounding cost them. I disagree. If Louisville shoots only 56% (9-16), which is still really bad, they advance. I’ll say this yet again, THEY’RE FREE!!! NO ONE’S ALLOWED TO GUARD YOU!!! MAKE THE DAMN SHOT!!!

Next, I know there was a lot of discussion on the Mike Marra three attempt to end the game looked like a block live. After multiple replays, it seemed like a good no call to me. While I would have loved to see them blow a whistle there, and make no mistake Faried got away with fouls throughout the game, that was not a foul on Marra, especially when you consider the situation. The refs cannot make that call there and they handled it correctly.

Finally, the most gut-wrenching part of this game was seeing Preston Knowles have to sit and watch. The kid is such a competitor and come so long as a person during his time at Louisville, you absolutely hate to see him literally watch his career end on the bench. The loss is tough enough, but having to see Preston walk away on crutches was so much worse.

That’s it for now. I’ll have more tomorrow and in the coming days.


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