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Analysis: Complete NFL Week 15 Team Rankings

Despite putting up a mere 14 points on the lowly Cleveland Browns, the Pittsburgh Steelers gained ground on the Texans in the pursuit of our top ranking heading into the playoffs. The Texans dropped a full .03 GWP this week while their opponents' GWP didn't move at all.

If Pittsburgh puts up a good show on the road against the San Francisco 49ers, they will likely take over the top spot here at Advanced NFL Stats. The Texans get to stay home and play the Panthers and their wounded defense while the third place Packers -- also within striking distance these past few weeks -- will be able to destroy the Chiefs.

New England and New Orleans are probably out of the running, as are the Giants and anyone else below them in the rankings. At this point, it's all a crapshoot because teams are going to be resting players and possibly giving opponents games. Barring some unforeseen circumstances, Green Bay is going to be undefeated heading into the final week against the Lions, where a win could mean the top overall ranking heading into the playoffs. If I had to put money on a team finishing at the top of the board, I'd throw some greenbacks on the Green and Yellow.

Notes and Fun Facts

  • For the first time in, well, ever, I feel bad for Tony Romo. The Dallas Cowboys' QB completed over two-thirds of his passes on Sunday night and threw for over 300 yards while racking up four touchdowns. His running game also netted him almost 140 yards on the evening, and his team still lost to the G-Men. The Cowboys are now going to need to sneak in to the NFC Wild Card, as the Giants now own the tiebreaker over them for the NFC East crown.
  • Despite losing to the Texans, the Cincinnati Bengals win the award for "Biggest Mover and Shaker" this week. Sure, the 49ers dropped more spots than Cincy gained, but it's no fun awarding someone for doing something poorly. Actually, it can be fun, but in a more sick and sadistic sort of way.
  • Can the Colts end the season with a GWP below 0.25? I'd like to see it happen to not only them, but the Chiefs, too. It's a train wreck. The carnage is unbelievable, but you just can't look away. And we can't mention a train wreck without at least mentioning Tim Tebow's name, right?

Now, without further ado, here is the Unrated Directors' Cut of your rankings for week fifteen.

Get the rest of this article and the full rankings breakdown over at Advanced NFL Stats.


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