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Analysis: Floyd Mayweather Not Fighting Manny Paquiao

The idea that Floyd Mayweather doesn't want to fight Manny Paquiao is not new to everybody. He is afraid to fight the Filipino boxer because he is not ready to face a defeat yet.

Mayweather is a good boxer but there is a significant difference between himself and an excellent and fearless fighter like Manny. He may show good abilities, but Paquiao is a scientific boxer.

The proud people's boxer from the Philippines offers precise elements to beat the American fighter. Talking like a chicken, which Mayweather does, will not do any good for boxing fans. Rather, showing you can box is what we all want to see. Mayweather  should be in the ring with Paquiao boxing -- not chatting.

All boxing fans are not happy with Mayweather's attitude. He is rude, makes false accusations and burns money. It's an insult to third world countries. He should be paying respect to all the people in need by donating necessities like food, clothing and medicines.

No way should a person waste money just to show a senseless appeal. To my knowledge, a normal person should act normally. Mayweather is not of sound mind. He should be in a rehabilitation or in a psychiatric facility. He needs treatment and help.


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