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Amir Khan vs. Lamont Peterson: Round-by-Round Recap, Analysis

By Nick Tylwalk

Just hours ago, Amir Khan vs. Lamont Peterson took place.  Here is the fight's round by round rundown.  

Peterson is 28-1-1 and Khan is 26-1.  

Here we go.

Round 1:
The crowd is definitely pro-Peterson.   They square off in the center of the ring.  Khan is throwing the faster jab to begin.  Khan's punches look blazingly fast.  They clinch and fight out.  Khan catches Peterson with a big combo and knocks him into the ropes.  Khan catches Peterson with a quick left hook ande Peterson goes down.  The ref rules it a slip.  Peterson steps on the gas and lands two hooks to the body.  Both fighters look loose and comfortable.  Khan lands another big left hook and Peterson lands a left of his own, but he goes down from Khan's hook.  Peterson makes it up and doesn't look hurt. Great first round.

Parker: 10-8 Khan

Round 2:
The replay shows that the first knockdown was indeed a slip, as was the second one, but the ref ruled it a Knockdown.  Khan gets a 10-8 round for the first.  They trade punches again in the center of the ring.  They are both throwing bombs and throwing caution to the wind.  Peterson knocks Khan back with a right hook.  Peterson lands a quick jab.  He lands another slick hook.  Both punchers have incredibly fast hands.  Peterson loads up with the right hook, but Khan blocks it.  Khan lands a left to the body.  Peterson lands a combo upstairs.  Khan answers back with one of his own.  Very close round.  Petson lands a jab and blocks a Khan combo to end the round.  

Parker: 10-9 Peterson

Round 3:
They trade once again.  Khan sneaks in an uppercut.  Peterson lands two right hands around Khan's defense.  Both are using a bunch of movement.  Peterson alnds a tripple left hook.  Now a big right hook.  This has been the best round yet.  They trade bombs.  Peterson is landing the stronger shots.  Khan is retreating now.  Person lands a right to the head.  Now a right to the body.  This round is all Peterson down the stretch.  Khan comes right back and lands a left before the bell.

Parker: 10-9 Peterson

Round 4:
Peterson lands a nice right hook.  Khan comes back and lands a combo to the body.  Peterson lands more upstairs.  Khan waves him in.  Khan counters with a left.  Peterson uses good movement to dodge a Khan combo.  Khan sneaks in a straight left.  Peterson lands a great right hand around the gloves of Khan.  Khan needs to be more accurate.  Peterson is using good movement to get out of the way of his punches.  That was a close round.  

Parker: 10-9 Peterson

Round 5:
Khan has some redness under his left eye.  Oo a Donovan McNabb siting in the 3rd row.  Khan is improving here.  He's being more accurate and dodging well.  Khan throws a nice left, but slips and falls.  It's ruled a slip.  Khan lands a 3-punch combo upstairs.  Peterson is having trouble finding him.

Parker: 10-9 Khan

Round 6:
Peterson throws a nice combo to start the round.  Most of it gets blocked.  The clinch, but fight out as they have been.  Khan is circling the ring.  Khan ducks a Peterson hook beautifully.  Peterson lands a hard body shot.  Khan is winning this round so far.  Khan lands a slick flurry.  Peterson lands some great headshots against the ropes, and Khan shakes his head at Peterson to say that his punches aren't hurting.  Khan goes back to the body.  Another close round.

Parker: 10-9 Peterson

Round 7:
Khan is getting in, throwing and landing, and getting out.  Petson wiffs with a left.  Khan comes back with a nice combo.  Peterson comes forward and lands two hooks upstairs.  Peterson gets in a left hook that Khan didn't see coming.  Khan is throwing more and may be landing more, but Peterson is landing the bigger bombs.  Khan is running around the ring.  Blood is trickling from Khan's nose.  Khan gets a point deducted for pushing after several warnings.  

Parker: 10-8 Peterson

Round 8:
Freddy Roach is very angry about the point deduction, but pushing with the forearm is technically illegal.  Khan continues to circle the ring and Peterson must be the aggressor.  Peterson gets Khan in the corner and goes to work.  Peterson lands a brilliant right hook, plus two shots to the body.  Peterson is rocking Khan this round.  He landed a punch that was close to the low blow territory.  Khan is on his bike.  Khan looks badly hurt, but is staying up.  Peterson is working the body exclusively and landing nearly everything. Khan barely threw anything in the last minute.

Parker: 10-9 Peterson

Round 9:
Peterson barrells forward to try to continue his work to the body.  He lands a left hook downstairs.  Khan lands a nice left uppercut.  Peterson lands a big uppercut and two big hooks.  Khan shakes his head again.  Khan misses with an uppercut.  Both are still loading up their punches.  The jab has gone out the window for both fighters.  Khan wobbles Peterson with a big right hand.  Petterson looks like he has his legs back under him and continues to fight, but this round is all Khan.  Peterson misses with two swinging hooks.  Peterson lands a big right hand and Khan backs into the ropes.  Amazing round.

Parker: 10-9 Khan

Round 10:
Peterson keeps working.  Both Khan and Peterson miss with power shots.  Peterson dodges and counters with a right.  Khan misses with a counter left.  They trade in the center.  They both work the body.  Peterson lands a nice right hand.  Khan continues to move around the ring.  Khan is landing more punches than Peterson this round.  Tough round to score.  Khan was busier.

Parker: 10-9 Khan

Round 11:
Khan misses with a combo after both fighters wait for the other to throw.  Both look fatigued.  Their punches aren't nearly as crisp as the first four rounds.  Khan continues to back up.  Peterson gets Khan against the ropes, but Khan slips out and lands a good flurry in the middle.  Peterson lands bombs to the body, but Khan lands a nice combo while against the ropes.  Khan is taking rounds here at the end, but they are very close.

Parker: 10-9 Khan

Round 12:
Khan lands is extra busy this round.  He's landing big, crisp punches.  Khan lands two more hooks in a combo.  Khan pushes Peterson and loses another point!  The crowd is not happy.  Khan goes back to work and back to winniing the round.  It's all Khan in 12.  He's landing huge combos and Peterson looks lost in there.  Khan lands a nice left.  Peterson clinches.  Khan keeps busy and is rocking Peterson in there.  They trade to the end.  It's over.

Parker: 9-9

Parker: 112-113 Peterson 

The judges score the bout 113-112 Peterson, 114-111 Khan, and 113-112 for the winner by split decision Lamont Peterson 

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