Amir Khan is Not Very Happy with Lamont Peterson

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As you've all heard by now, Lamont Peterson failed his recent drug test; that basically kills his upcoming fight against Amir Khan.

Khan showed his frustration while speaking to the Daily Mail:

'My first reaction was to say I would fight him anyway,' he said. 'Not that my father or my team would have let me, but I have put so much work into getting into the best shape I've ever been 10 days before a fight that I just wanted to go ahead and beat him no matter what he was taking. But I also felt terrible for all my fans back home who had saved up and spent good money on booking their trips to Vegas.

'Now I realize the danger I was in at the original fight. Peterson could have seriously damaged me. He could also have destroyed his own life. Because he was juiced up he took more punishment than was good for him and I don't think he's ever going to recover fully from an eye injury he sustained that night.

'He just wanted to win no matter what it took. And all he's done is ruined himself. He would have made a life-changing $1.6million from this fight. Now he's getting nothing - and I think he's finished at 28.

'I certainly hope he is punished hard. He had no respect for me as a fellow fighter, for himself or for boxing.'


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