Amir Khan Cocky: I Can Beat Floyd Mayweather

Even the guy sparring with Manny Pacquiao isn’t scared of Floyd Mayweather Jr. anymore.

While speaking with reporters recently, Amir Khan told one and all he was not afraid to get into the ring with Mayweather after his scheduled fight with Marcos Maidana on December 11 of this year.

"I always said I wanted a big fight in England," he told the Manchester Evening News. "I want to bring the big fights back to this country. The Floyd Mayweather fight would be one of those. I wanted to fight Maidana in the UK, but he wanted to fight in America. It wasn't my decision, but I know my true fans are over here and I will come back after this one.

"The Mayweather fight could definitely happen in England. After he fought Ricky Hatton he said he wanted to fight over here and I am the only British fighter of the caliber to take him on. We could bring it to the UK and it would be massive. That fight could fill anywhere."

What instilled such confidence in a boxer who, up to this point, hasn’t hit anyone’s radar as a premier boxer?

Apparently, it was working out with Mayweather’s nemesis, Pacquiao.

"In the next 12 months I will be ready to take on huge names," Khan said. "The biggest names are in the divisions and that excites me. When I went to Freddie Roach, people thought it would happen overnight, that I'd suddenly be ready to fight Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.

"We put the suggestion out about Mayweather because in the next 12 months I will be more developed and stronger. Also styles make fights. I don't think Mayweather has ever fought anyone as fast as me - and with Freddie Roach in my corner, I would be confident fighting him

While Khan may believe that he’s ready for Mayweather, few others do. Mayweather, as it stands now, is an undefeated boxer who is already a living legend in the sport. It’s widely accepted that the only fighter left in the world who can even begin to challenge him is Pacquiao.

Serving as Pacquiao’s punching bag in sparring sessions doesn’t exactly qualify Khan to call out the champ. However, it appears that he has jumped on the Pacquiao camp bandwagon of calling out Mayweather when he knows that he won’t get a response because of all of the legal issues Mayweather is currently dealing with.

Khan’s fight with Maidana will be for the WBA light-welterweight belt.


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