Amir Khan Defends Manny Pacquiao from Floyd Mayweather’s Accusations

At this point, it’s safe to say that either Amir Khan really likes Manny Pacquiao or, he really, really dislikes Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Time after time Khan, who is widely regarded as a top five pound-for-pound fighter in the sport, has come out and publicly admonished Mayweather for his treatment of Pacquiao. Khan has pointed out Mayweather’s constant contradictions, negative attitude and tendency to “duck” opponents as reasons for his dislike of the undefeated champion.

During a recent interview with the good folks from FightHype, Khan opted to twist the knife a little more – and speak on Pacquiao vs. Mayweather yet again.

"The thing is, if Manny says: 'Yeah, I'll fight, let's do the test', then it will be something else. 'Oh, the purse split ain't fair', 'Oh, the gloves', 'Oh, the ring's too small', so I feel there's always an excuse," Khan said.  

"Mayweather tries to control the situation how he wants it, that's why if the fight with us came to England, he wouldn't like that. There will be no seven-star hotel in Vegas. He's not going to have the luxury of his own mansion, his own gym, so I'd have that advantage. If they leave it any longer, people will get fed up and not care."

Khan, of course, had made it clear on numerous occasions that he has his sights set on fighting Mayweather in 2012. He has pointed to Floyd’s apprehension towards fighting Manny as something has created uncertainty as far as when he can set up a match with the former. He has also acknowledged the obvious benefits that he could be facing if he squares off against Mayweather after Pacquiao softens him up and, at the same time, the potential upside of being the one to give the undefeated superstar his first loss.

Recently Freddie Roach, who has trained both Pacquiao and Khan, came out and publicly admitted that a potential bout between the two of them wasn’t out of the question either. That the lack of quality opponents out there for Pacquiao to fight against may force Top Rank’s hand despite the fact that the two men have previously served as sparring partners. As a direct result, Pacquiao’s stable requested that he and Khan no longer spar together.

With the chances of Pacquiao and Mayweather committing to a super fight getting smaller and smaller, look for Khan to start playing a bigger role in discussions regarding both men’s futures.


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