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Amir Khan and His Brother Fought Off 6 Car Thieves

Amir Khan’s boxing career has seen better days. He is coming off two straight defeats. He fell from most people pound-for-pound rankings like a rock off a cliff. At 25 years old, as crazy as it sounds, it sort of feels as though his career has already peaked.

Obviously there is still plenty of time for Khan to turn things around, and obviously a victory over Carlos Molina would change a lot – but he shouldn’t even be at this point right now. He should be challenging Floyd Mayweather Jr., not schlepping for fights against guys who would be fighting on his undercard if he had stayed on his one-time trajectory.

So, again – this is a guy who has seen better days.

Fortunately, something good happened to Khan recently. What was that good thing? Six guys tried to steal his car. Now, I know I what you’re thinking: that doesn’t sound like a good thing. It was, trust me.

It’s not a good thing if car thieves get away with your car; it’s a very good thing when car thieves try to steal your car but end up getting their you-know-whats whipped.

As reported by The Sun:  

The former world champ and his boxing brother Haroon, 20, were ambushed early yesterday morning as they returned to the flash motor after a night out.

At least six men used a 4x4 to block the 25-year-old light welterweight’s path — but despite being heavily outnumbered, the pair fought back and landed a flurry of blows.

An onlooker said: “These guys tried to jump Amir and his brother but they picked on the wrong blokes.

“They parked their car in front of the Range Rover. At least one had a cosh. One slapped Amir and clipped him on the lip but Amir pulled back and knocked him out cold. Then five of them went for Amir and Haroon — but they stood their ground and these guys got dropped one by one. They left these men with cuts and bruises but all they were doing was defending their property.”

The big lesson here? Even struggling fighters can beat the stuffing out of regular folks with relative ease. Remember that the next time you see a pro at some bar and your beer muscles try to write a check that your chin can’t cash.

(Kudos The Sun)

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