Americans Tweet 'Nazi' Insults During US-Germany World Cup Game

The U.S.-Germany soccer match at the World Cup drew a lot of attention in America today, but not all good.

Deadspin.com monitored how many times the words "Nazi" and "Nazis" were tweeted on Twitter today during the game (11:35 a.m. to 2:03 p.m.) and came up with a whopping 30,209.

The biggest "Nazi" spike came when Germany scored its only goal to defeat the U.S., which drew almost 25 "Nazi" tweets per second.

Some of the "Nazi" insults included:

The referee is also a nazi for taking out Jermaine Jones #illuminati

Kyle if you're gonna get a yellow at least draw some Nazi blood

USA still goes through! So for the third time, the nazis lose again

On the flip side, Rihanna has been tweeting against the U.S. during its games against Portugal and Germany, reports Gawker.

When Portugal scored a goal to tie the U.S. on Sunday, Rihanna tweeted:

Thank you Ronaldo for that sweet setup!!! And thank YOU Valera for your timely execution!!

She also celebrated this afternoon on Twitter:

Yes Germany

Germany come onnn!!!

In response, the LA Galaxy tweeted in response:

Well, that's rude. #USA RT @rihanna: Germany come onnn!!!

 Twitter user Dan Cinsonastyboys added:

Everyone should boycott any concert @rihanna has in the USA #USMNT #WorldCup

Sources: Deadspin.com, Gawker, Twitter


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