Is American Kickboxing Academy Actually Better Off Without Josh Koscheck?

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American Kickboxing Academy founder Javier Mendez doesn't see the departure of Josh Koscheck (17-6) hurting the overall team.

"The team got stronger after he left," said Mendez. "He didn't want to be here, so he was very obvious on what he was doing. It wasn't part of what he wanted anymore, so he did his exit."

Mendez does say that Koscheck leaving was partially because of him, but wouldn't say more.

"I did see the warning signs," said Mendez. "The warnings were there and I enhanced them. I am to blame partially for his departure."

For Mendez, he is prepared to move ahead with his current team.

"I did my one and only talk with him that I'll ever have with him," said Mendez. "There's nothing that needs to be said between him and I. I wish him luck. He can see how easy or hard it is to keep a team together. Let him do what he wants to do, I'm moving forward and he's moving forward. There's no hate on my part, but I'm moving forward."

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