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American Idol Betting Lines Heating Up Online Sportsbooks

People tend to think that the only time online gambling comes into play is when sports fans place a wager on a game, or poker players take to online tournaments, which could not be further from the truth. What most people fail to realize is the number of entertainment betting categories there are available to online bettors.

Take reality shows for instance. The love affair that America is having with reality television has sparked a number of hit reality series over the past few years. American Idol is one of the most watched talent competitions around and has been since day one. As they marked their ninth season this year, American Idol Betting has hit a all time high, both with the live voting and the entertainment betting.

Every reputable online sportsbooks offers some type of American Idol Betting lines, which are generally the most sought after betting lines around. For most gamblers, the thrill of not knowing the outcome makes the bet that much more exciting, but for shows like American Idol, online bettors can follow the show and learn what the contestants odds are of winning from episode to episode.

Season 9 of American Idol has brought on some really talented performers, and separating the good from great has been a task not only put on the American idol judges, but the fans as well. When the top 24 on American Idol was decided, fans began deciding which of the contestants they hoped would make it to the top ten and even the finale.

Throughout the weeks, a lot has changed on the show and we have seen who we thought were the top contenders, loose their drive and get lost in the shadows of some real star quality performers. Betting on American Idol may seem like a fun way to keep up with the show, but with a show so unpredictable, it is not easy to pick out a winner from a group of talented performers that all have their good and bad weeks.

The odds look a lot better when you pick a category that players have a better chance of getting right. En example would be whether the winner of American Idol be male or female. In this case there are only two chances, as well as a much better chance of one of those being correct.

American Idol 2010 –

Gender of winner

Male +160

Female -225


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