Amateur MMA Fighter Forfeits While Winning Fight (Video)

An amateur mixed martial arts fight promoted by the Prison City Fight League in Jackson, Mich. came to a bizarre end when Mike Pantangco suddenly forfeited the match to Jeremy Rasner.

Pantangco, wearing white trunks, pounded Rasner, who managed to stay on his feet, but was staggering in the ring, reports the International Business Times.

With only a few seconds left in the first round, Pantangco suddenly stopped, kneeled down and tapped out (video below).

Then he stood up and held up Rasner's glove, who won the fight by a TKO, noted BleacherReport.com.

"I just feel that there's no point fighting him because he didn't train against me and I didn't train for him and I just feel like we're amateur fighters," Pantangco told AXSTV.

"We don't get money, we don't get paid, and I know that the only thing I'm going to finish the fight is him to go in the hospital or get hurt," added Pantangco. "I just feel terrible so I'm just going to give him the win."

According to The Daily Mail, Pantangco said later that Rasner was a friend who was a replacement after the original opponent withdrew from the fight.

Sources: International Business TimesBleacherReport.comThe Daily Mail


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