Amateur Fighter Tyrone Mims to be Honored at Next Conflict MMA Event

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Amateur fighter Tyrone Mims, who died following a TKO loss on August 11 for Conflict MMA Promotions, will be honored at the company's next show.

"Conflict MMA Promotions would like to have a special memorial for Tyrone Mims at the next event in December with permission and participation of his family," said Edward Phipps, legal counsel for Conflict MMA.

Also, a championship belt will be named after the fighter and a trust fund will created for his five children.

"Tyrone's influence and what he contributed to so many lives will forever be in our hearts, and the tragic loss of his kind soul will not be forgotten," said Phipps.

Following the lose, Mims passed out backstage and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. An initial autopsy was inconclusive. A full autopsy is underway and results will take six to eight weeks.

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