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Amar'e Stoudemire Punches Fire Extinguisher, Gives Twitter Material for Days

It’s the NBA Playoffs. 

Tempers flare. 

Players are already exhausted from an intense and accelerated season; they’re going to lose their cool. 

So far we’ve seen Dirk Nowitzki and Kendrick Perkins go at it, Tyson Chandler throw a healthy backscreen on LeBron and Rajon Rondo chest-bump a referee.  But from my own, personal experience with inanimate objects, they generally win the battle against skin and bone.

Enter Amare Stoudemire.

Stoudemire was a key cog of a Phoenix Suns team that consistently threatened in the West, but never got over the hump.  Now he’s in New York.

In his second year in the Apple, Amare’s Knicks find themselves on the verge of losing in the first round of the playoffs for the second straight season, last year to Boston, this year to Miami.  Apparently, in a fit of frustration after losing Game Two Monday night, Amare punched one of those glass-encased fire extinguishers deep in the bowels of American Airlines Arena, cutting his hand and leaving him out indefinitely.

Guess he wasn’t too happy about being down 0-2.  Or perhaps taking 25 fewer shots than teammate Carmelo Anthony in the two games they’ve played had something to do with it, but hey, that’s purely speculation on my part.After the Amare story broke, the Twitterverse went rampant.  That’s what people on Twitter do.So without being entirely insensitive to Amare’s condition, here are some of the Tweets I found entertaining, including a few of my own.

@SportsChump: When the fist hits the glass, fire extinguisher intact, that’s Amaaaaare.

@MikeHillESPN: Maybe Amare saw the sign that said…”in case of emergency break glass”…..Down 0-2 would constitute an emergency, right? #Knicks

@sportspickle: Amare Stoudemire’s defense is so bad, the fire extinguisher landed more punches.@SportsChump: When asked how the Heat were able to cool off New York, Amare pointed to a fire extinguisher as if to say, this is how. Just didn’t work out

@BenMaller: David Stern will wait to see if fire extinguisher suffered concussion before punishing Knicks Amare Stoudemire.

@TheFakeESPN: Amare hit the Fire Extinguisher because it called him the “N-word” without pronouncing it the friendly black way.

@SuryaHeatNBA: C’mon Amare, everyone knows you’re supposed to use that little metal thingie hanging off to the side with a chain.

@SportsChump: Amare Stoudemire has had about as much luck with fire extinguishers as Tiger Woods has had with fire hydrants

@FauxJohnMadden: The Bobcats would lose by 27 to the fire extinguisher Amare Stoudemire punched.

@pwnteam: New movie idea: Rush Hour 4, starring Amare Stoudemire and Jeremy Lin

@FakePatRiley: Amare cut his hand and everyone looked at Jeremy Lin, assuming he’s also a Doctor.

@EdgeofSports: Paramedics called to Knicks locker room because Amare cut his hand “punching something”. At least he’s finally hitting the glass.

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