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Alvin Gentry: "Michael Beasley is a Tremendous Athlete"

After the Friday night games at Summer League, Alvin Gentry, coach of the Phoenix Suns, stopped by for a bit to talk about what's next for the Suns.

THE NO-LOOK PASS: Coach, Steve Nash is gone. You're moving on with Goran Dragic. How do you like that acquisition?

ALVIN GENTRY: He's been here before. He's played in our system... he's played under Steve some. I feel real confident that he's going to be able to come in and play well.

TNLP: Markieff Morris is doing well so far. And we've seen Kendall Marshall play.

AG: With Kendall, it's just an idea of just getting out here and getting his feet wet with the whole Summer League thing. He'll continue... he's going to be a very good player. He has a few things he needs to work on; obviously, his shooting. There's not anything any other player that comes in here at this time wouldn't have to work on. Just the fact that he gets to play 5-6 games is good. And then we'll take it and we'll continue to try to work on it and improve.

TNLP: Does the system change much with Dragic at point guard?

AG: Not a lot. We'll change some but one of the reasons we brought him back is that he's very, very, very familiar at what he does and they'll continue to work at it.

TNLP: How do you plan to implement Michael Beasley and Luis Scola into the system?

AG: I think they're going to be good. You talk about really good players; Michael Beasley is a tremendous athlete. Scola is one of the smartest, if not the smartest, players in the NBA. Great footwork. He's a 15 and 7-8 guy every night. And when you add a guy like that to your team... a great locker room guy, great presence on the court... can't do anything but help your team.

TNLP: And last question, have you had a more embarrassing time when you threw up two years ago in the playoffs?

AG: *laughs* No! I'm still living it down with my kids. Would've been a lot better if Artest, well, World Peace doesn't tip the ball in at the end of the game. But, yeah, that was a little embarrassing. *laughs*

TNLP: Thank you! *laughs*

AG: *still laughing* All right!

We'd like to thank Coach Gentry for his time. We also wanna take our time to apologize for bringing up that infamous moment to him. Thanks for being a good sport, Coach!

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