Allen Iverson Makes Royal Entrance in Turkey


After a brief delay because he missed his flight to Turkey this weekend (seriously), Allen Iverson finally touched down on Istanbul soil on Monday.

A lot of his fans worried about the reception Iverson would get and how he would be treated in his new home country. However, if the video below is any indication, the Answer may have struck gold with his new team.

Pretty much mobbed by press and fans alike, Iverson had to be held by two security guards to make sure no harm came to him. The former Sixer, Nugget, Piston, Grizzly and Sixer again didn’t even get this kind of reception in the U.S. at the peak of his career.

We still think it’s terribly depressing that Iverson’s career has taken this twist, but it’s great to see fans somewhere appreciate the talent that they have just received.

Check out the video from Iverson’s arrival HERE.

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