Painful to Watch: Allen Iverson Out of the NBA, Joins Beskitas


For true NBA fans who could appreciate everything Allen Iverson once brought to the hardwood, watching him hold up some strange Turkish jersey was almost painful. In a way, it seemed like too cruel a punishment for a player who had been called selfish, immature and was essentially black-balled from the league whose fans he excited for over 10 years.

There he sat, robotically staring into the camera answering questions about how he felt regarding the twist his career had taken. Sure he’d prefer to be in the NBA he told reporters, but at least these guys were letting him do what he loved most – play basketball. Yeah he’d miss his family and friends he said with a shrug, but he hadn’t been given much of a choice.

If Iverson was supposed to be some kind of big draw in Turkey, his first press conference didn’t show it. As he sat there in front of a few reporters at the St. Regis Hotel with a Besiktas club jersey beside him, there wasn't any energy in the room. It was almost as if everybody knew how depressing this press conference was.

At least he didn’t have to abide by a dress code anymore. Sitting there in his black tee with a black Yankees hat tilted to the side, Iverson was...

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