Allen Iverson: Broke, Old and Not Very Good


We at The Daily Heat have made it no secret that we root for Allen Iverson. During his time in the NBA he embodied a never-say-die attitude and hard-nosed mentality that is essential for success in anything – basketball or otherwise.

However, let’s call a spade a spade. Or in Iverson’s particular case, let’s call a mess a mess.

When true basketball aficionados planted themselves down to watch Iverson on his new Turkish team on Sunday it felt like the former MVP player was far more the sideshow freak than the main attraction. In his latest effort, Iverson scored a mere two points in limited action and seemed more in the way than anything else. If anything, his performance reminded fans back in the States why Iverson had been demoted to the JV team overseas than why they were his fans in the first place.

Or so we thought until Philadelphia 76ers beat writer, Kate Fagan, wrote a very interesting column on all things Iverson-Turkey related for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

As she described it, Iverson was far less a phenomenon in Turkey than we may have been led on to believe. In reality, the one-time surefire NBA Hall of Famer had become something of a curiosity for the small number of hoops fans in Turkey. As she explained it, in a city of 13 million, the arena hosted 3,200 people. A full arena over there isn't exactly the Staples Center.

So with that in mind, if the ultimate reward isn’t millions upon millions of adoring fans appreciating Iverson at his craft when the NBA had black-balled him like we had originally believed – why is here over there?

Because he’s broke, apparently.


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