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Alistair Overeem Has a Plan for Junior Dos Santos

Alistair Overeem made his UFC debut just before New Year's Eve last year, trouncing former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar and taking home a shot at current top dog Junior dos Santos' title in the process.

Overeem displayed the superior striking that earned him the K-1 World Grand Prix Championship last year, dogging Lesnar with hard kicks and knees to the body. After chopping the lumbering wrestler down with a patient and effective stand up assault, Overeem hammered him with right hands to the head and body until the ref called it, at 2:26 of the first round.

Dos Santos is a different animal than Lesnar however, as his most potent weapon, too, is his striking. The Brazilian bomber utilizes a more one-dimensional attack than Overeem, focusing almost entirely on his pinpoint and powerful boxing, but has done so to great effect in his career.

Still, Overeem is as seasoned as they come and has more tricks up his sleeve than just K-1 level striking. Speaking recently with the MMAFightCorner, the Reem, always coy with his gameplans, hinted that he's already formulated a way to wrest the strap from the hard-hitting young champion.

"The gameplan is already good to go. I already know how to beat him," Overeem said. "It's just a matter of training and getting my body and mind in the hundred percent condition it needs to be in and it's gonna turn out perfectly, just fine. Every fighter has holes. Dos Santos has them, too. You're gonna see it. May 26, be there."

Overeem and dos Santos are set to do battle on May 26 in the main event of UFC 146, which will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

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