Alistair Overeem Gets Suspended for 9 Months


The wait is over: Alistair Overeem was denied a license to fight today by the state of Nevada and subsequently suspended for nine months from the date of his failed test.

The fighter appeared before the Nevada State Athletic Commission today to answer for the results of a surprise drug test -- administered immediately following the UFC 146 press conference -- which showed an elevated testosterone-to-epitestosterone level of more than twice Nevada's allowable limit (6:1) and cost him his title shot against Junior dos Santos.

Overeem's team, led by high-profile Las Vegas lawyer David Chesnoff, initially requested a continuance of 45 to 60 days at the hearing, but were denied their request and forced to make their presentation.

Their defense boiled down to Overeem being treated with a mysterious mixture by a sketchy plastic surgeon (here's his mugshot for an assault/family violence charge) that contained testosterone. Dr. Molina can't remember if he told Overeem there was testosterone in "the mixture" or not; Overeem claims he was never informed and never asked what he was being injected with/injecting himself with.

Though, as Chesnoff pointed out, Overeem is a "special person" because he's bilingual and gets injured for our entertainment, the commission did not grant their request to for a conditional license either. Overeem is suspended for nine months from the time of the positive test (March 27), which will make him eligible for a license by December 27 -- just in time for the UFC's annual year-end blowout.

Commissioner Pat Lundvall did not ask Overeem if he could read or understand English.

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