Alistair Overeem Denied Fight License


Earlier today (April 24), UFC heavyweight fighter Alistair Overeem appeared in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) to answer for his failed drug test at the UFC 146 press conference back on March 27.

The test came back with a testosterone-to-epitestosterone level of 14:1, where the legal limit in Nevada is 6:1. He blamed the higher than normal levels on an anti-inflammatory medication and not performance enhancing drugs.

Below are a few highlights from Alistair Overeem at today’s hearing.

  • didn’t know about needing to take the tests until he left the press conference and then was informed he needed to come back immediately or he would be guilty.
  • Overeem admits he knew he knew had taken shots before the press conference.
  • Overeem says that Tre Telligman is the one that referred him to the doctor. He says he didn’t look into Molina at all before visiting him. He says the doctors back in Holland know not to inject athletes with WADA banned substances. He admits that he doesn’t believe Dr. Molina had any evil intent. He injected himself in the shoulder.
  • Overeem says he injected himself on March 23rd.

After nearly an hour of pleading, the Athletic Commission stated that “it’s hard to overlook the 14:1 ratio, tough to grant the conditional license.”

His license has officially been denied and he may re-apply for a license in nine-months.

If he re-applies and gets reinstated, that would mean that “The Demolition Man” would be available for a potential fight on the UFC year end card.

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