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Alex Smith to Jaguars or 49ers?

According to Jason LaCanfora, a deal has effectively been completed to trade Alex Smith.

The early front runners to land Alex Smith this offseason were the Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs, which all things considered makes sense. They are, by far, the two most needy clubs at the position of quarterback. The Chiefs seem a little more likely with the available cap space to make it work, and a running game that would allow Smith to do what he does best. Not lose games.

Following up his tweet that informed his hordes of followers about the apparent Alex Smith trade, Jason LaCanfora said that the likely destinations for Smith are either Jacksonville or Kansas City. Or at the very least that they are the places that make sense.

The 49ers have expressed to others that a deal for QB Alex Smith is effectively complete. Can't be finalized til league year begins 3/12

— Jason La Canfora (@JasonLaCanfora) February 24, 2013

so it's not official, both clubs view it at as it's effectively done. I do not know the other team. KC and JAX are 2 teams that make sense

— Jason La Canfora (@JasonLaCanfora) February 24, 2013

I am a little surprised by Jacksonville working it’s way into the mix for Alex Smith. I suppose having Blaine Gabbert as the incumbent can force change about as fast as anything. I thought Matt Flynn made a little more sense for the Jaguars,with his connection to the new coaching staff and all. That being said, it’s far from confirmed that they actually did trade for Smith.

The more likely of the two teams mentioned by LaCanfora has to be Kansas City. If Alex Smith were to join the Chiefs, who are so very, very, very desperate for a new quarterback it would be a perfect fit for both sides. I’m not a big fan of blaming a teams dysfunction on any one player, but in the case of the Chiefs it really was all Matt Cassell and Brady Quinn holding this team back. They are an extremely talented young team, with a great running game. All this bodes extremely well for Smith’s hypothetical tenure with the club. As was the case in his best year and a half of starting, very little will be asked of Smith. All he will have to do is manage the game.

It’s a real shame for things to have ended this way for Smith in San Francisco, but there’s no reason he can’t revive his career with either one of these teams. He’s a really smart player and a better athlete than he will ever get credit for. Here’s to hoping he busts his game manager label wherever he goes.

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