Alex Ricci is Working with Steve Molitor in Preparation for Next Fight

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To help improve his striking ability, Alex Ricci has been training with IBF Junior Featherweight Champion Steve Molitor in preparation for his upcoming fight.

"I started off as an old-school Thai boxer, very traditional, standing in front of my opponent," said Ricci. "But the last couple years I've picked up a lot of boxing."

Molitor, a fellow Canadian who has held several championships, has had over 120 fights when is amateur and professional records are combined.

"He is an amazing boxer," said Ricci. "His level, his experience and just to be able to keep up with his speed is unreal. The great thing about being able to train with Steve [is] he's also a southpaw, so it's just right up my alley to train and get ready for Jesse Ronson."

Ricci is 5-0 in his MMA career and has earned a KO or TKO in every fight, which have not gone past the second round.

Ricci's next fight is August 25 at SFS 5 against Jesse Ronson (10-2).

"My mindset is set to win," said Ricci. "Winning is all about setting the mind, it's all in the mind and I'm trying to stay focused. I can't let that pressure creep up on me and let it get to me. I'm a professional athlete, there's a lot of stress, there's a lot of pressure in this sports being a high-level athlete and my job is to perform. I need to just stay relaxed and focused and do my job."

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