Alex Ariza Speaks Out on Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather and PEDs

Even though the Mayweather clan tends to dominate headlines whenever talks turn to a potential Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. showdown, the inevitable performance-enhancing drug (PED) claims, and who’s really in the wrong – that’s not always the case. Perhaps in an effort to balance out the conversation after Mayweather Sr.’s recent claims or, maybe just because he likes to talk, Pacquiao’s conditioning coach Alex Ariza decided to do his part to set the record straight.

In a recent interview with the good folks from Fighthype.com, Ariza had this to say about whether the status of negotiations as they relate to PEDs is Pacquiao’s fault or Mayweather’s fault.

“I'm not privy to whatever they're agreeing to... I just know that Manny's going to take whatever test that the commission asks for,” Ariza said.

Ariza is “not privy to whatever they’re agreeing to” but, fortunately, he won’t let that stop him from pretending that he is.

So, in the future, Pacquiao will agree to take whatever test is requested of him. Got it. But what about in the recent past? Has he always lived by that mantra? After all, the Filipino champion as long-since maintained publicly that he has been a proponent of doing whatever was necessary to set the fight up with his arch rival.

“As far as I know from Manny, he's never disagreed [from taking the tests],” said Ariza, when pressed on the matter.

Of course, not everyone shares that sentiment. Just yesterday, Opposing Views published a piece in which it was pointed out that Pacquiao and his Top rank counterpart, Bob Arum, have their own little quirks as they relate to PED testing. They may say that they’re willing to take any test at any time, however, in all reality they’ve demanded some pretty stiff stipulations on who and where the tests would be conducted – if they’re ever conducted.

Plus, there’s that little matter of Pacquiao and Arum contradicting each other on whether or not PEDs are actually a problem for the proposed match between the Filipino champion and Mayweather. Don’t forget, Arum once insisted that PEDs are the problem because Mayweather agreed to the money offered in negotiations, and shortly thereafter, Pacquiao came out and said the complete opposite.

Despite all this, though, Ariza has the easy answer to why a fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather has never actually come together:

“…whatever reasons that fight's not happening, it's got nothing to do with Manny. That I can tell you.”

Translation: Blame Mayweather. When in doubt, even if the story doesn’t exactly pass the smell test, always, always, always blame Mayweather.


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