Alessio Sakara is Not Pleased with How UFC 154 Went


The live crowd at UFC 154 may have accepted the finish that Patrick Côté (18-8) was awarded the win against Alessio Sakara (15-10-1), but not everybody else agreed with the decision. Sakara's manager Lex McMahon has decided to appeal the ending of the fight.

In the fight, Sakara knocked Côté down and subsequently landed a series of illegal shots landed to the back of the head, which prompted a disqualification. McMahon feels that the shots were legal, and thinks that the fight taking place in Côté's home country of Canada weighed on the decision.

"We're going to be appealing the decision," McMahon told MMA Fighting. "I've already spoken with the commissioner. The blows that were allegedly in the back of the head weren't 12-to-6. He was coming around to get the side of the head. At bare minimum make this a no contest."

McMahon was not able to speak with the referee from the fight, Dan Miragliotta. McMahon plans to speak with Dana White and Joe Silva about the decision soon.

Both fighters entered the Octagon on a two fight losing streak, realizing that the loser may be released.

"I do think it was a hometown decision and while it may be a part of the sport, it's not acceptable and we're going to appeal it," said McMahon. "My client did not get a fair deal."

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