Alan Belcher on Fighting Chris Weidman: "It Makes the Most Sense"

Injuries and the time to properly heal from them may play a factor in why Alan Belcher (18-6) hasn't had a championship shot.

"If I want to be the champ, I gotta be a little bit more active and fight more than once a year," said Belcher on The MMA Hour. "That's why I was being a little bit more impatient, I wanted to fight no matter what. But you know, sometimes no matter how bad you want it, it just isn't working out for you."

In the past three years, Belcher has only fought three times. He was set to fight at UFC 152, but pulled out of the card with a fractured spine.

"Now, if I can get back healthy, I'm just gonna put my time in," said Belcher. "My patience has definitely been tested the past few years. I'm still a young man; I'm still getting better every day."

Belcher looks to return in November, at the earliest, and wants to fight Chris Weidman (9-0) in a No. 1 contender's match for the middleweight championship.

"I mean to me it makes the most sense," said Belcher. "I'm comfortable with the fight, I feel he's a challenge for me and he's a top contender, he's one of the only people I would really feel that it's the right fight for me in my career right now as far as competition level and ranking-wise."

Belcher is 9-4 since his debut in the UFC in 2006. He currently is on a four fight win streak and last won at UFC On FOX 3 in May of this year. All four of those fights haven't gone past the second round.

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