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Alabama vs. Georgia: 2012 SEC Championship Game Analysis

First and most importantly, as it's always important to start with the most important thing first (PRO TIP), despite not having an interest in who won, this was one of the best games I've ever watched.  Successes, failures, violence, massive swings of emotion and momentum, gallons and gallons of drama, and sweaty hands, which I usually only get when Ole Miss is in the throes of muddling its way through a game. 

It was all there for nearly four hours in maximum entertainment form.  And tip of the hat to all the Georgia and Alabama fans who lived to tell the tale because I don't understand how they all survived.  I would not have done well if placed in such a position.

The biggest two moments that led to Georgia's eventual undoing came after the touchdown on the blocked field goal.  Georgia had a 21-10 lead and every piece of momentum in the building.  Then Alabama got the ball, ran four running plays with T.J. Yeldon, and scored in just over two minutes to make it 21-17 (they were also helped by a pass interference penalty).

By scoring so quickly and dominantly, they broke Georgia's momentum and didn't give Georgia a chance to build on the 21-10 lead.  In two minutes, Georgia went from feeling like they might actually win the game to crap, now it's a game again.  To their credit, they didn't go into a shell like many a Georgia team has done, but pushed Alabama back after giving up the lead.

The other moment came after the touchdown when Saban decided to consult the Houston Nutt two-point conversion chart and stupidly go for two with over 19 minutes remaining in the game.  I always assumed he was one of the coaches who knew that the only time you go for two is when, at that very moment, there's no other way to give yourself a realistic chance to win the game.  Or you're Oregon.

Anyway, he was fortunate to get the points, which turned out to be a disaster for Georgia later, as instead of being down two or three on the last drive, they were down four and had to have a touchdown.  If they had stopped the two-point conversion or Saban had kicked the extra point, they're kicking a field goal to win or tie the game on the last drive.  Though, I can't imagine any Georgia or Alabama fan being the same ever again had that game gone to overtime, so it was probably for the best in terms of preserving the mental health of thousands of people.

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