Alabama State Marching Band Spells Out 'Trayvon' During Half-Time Show

Alabama State University spelled out "Trayvon" during the halftime of a college football game against Jackson State on Saturday.

Both schools are black universities.

Southwestern Athletic Conference Commissioner Duer Sharp tweeted a picture of the tribute to Trayvon Martin, who was fatally shot in February 2012 by George Zimmerman, notes AL.com.

Zimmerman was acquitted of the shooting this summer, but was in the news today when his estranged wife Shellie called 911.

She claimed on the 911 call that Zimmerman was sitting in a car, with a gun, outside her parents' Lake Worth, Fla. home.

Shellie also told the 911 operator that Zimmerman had punched her father in the nose.

However, Shellie refused to press charges against her soon-to-be ex-husband, whose gun was confiscated by police.

Sources: Twitter and AL.com


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