Alabama Baby Can’t Talk or Walk, but Knows Who Nick Saban Is (Video)

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Alabama fans are insane about their football team. They’re not alone in that regard, of course; a lot of SEC schools are similarly nuts about their programs. But something about Alabama fans and their selective amnesia regarding just how sleazy of a guy Nick Saban is has always been really frustrating.

Mind you, for all their faults, Crimson Tide loyalists aren’t stupid. They’re well aware of who’s running their team – they simply choose to ignore it.

Anyway, if you need an illustration of just how insane Alabama fans are straight out of the womb, look no further than this baby:

Can’t talk. Can’t walk. Can barely hold his own head up. But he still knows who Nick Saban is.

Nothing weird about that at all.

(Kudos Deadspin)

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