Alabama Analysis: Trent Richardson Wants Heisman, National Title


For any college team, losing a starting quarterback, a Heisman running back, and a top wide receiver would be a major problem for an offense. However, not for the Alabama Crimson Tide as they have another talented running back that is not only a front-runner for the Heisman, but also could take them to the promise land and winning a second National Championship in three years.

Trent Richardson is not that second string option anymore, he’s not that change of pace back behind Mark Ingram. Richardson is now the primary running back and will get the bulk of the carries. With a new quarterback at the helm you can expect to see a rise in his production, as he will be asked to carry the load.

In his previous two years, Richardson has shown the ability to find the hole and explode right through it. He’s also shifty and has produced plenty of dazzling runs. His skill set alone scares an opposing defense, however, an offensive line that returns four of five starters makes Richardson and the Alabama offense that much more dangerous.

So we can expect a big year out of Richardson, but can he have a similar year to Ingram’s Heisman year? In 2009 Ingram rushed for 1,658 yards while averaging 6.1 yards per carry. Last year in limited play Richardson rushed for only 700 yards, however, he averaged 6.3 yards per carry. So if Richardson carries the ball 271 times like Ingram did and keeps his YPC, behind 4/5 of the same offensive line he ran behind last year, well you do the math.

Not that you weren’t already, but watch out for Trent Richardson as he is poised for a monster year. If he is anywhere near Ingram’s numbers Alabama is in good position to have another Heisman player and possibly another National Championship.

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