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Ahmad Rashad and Sale Johnson are Reportedly Divorcing Because of Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods

Ahmad Rashad and his wife of six years, Sale Johnson, have apparently decided to go their separate ways.

Rashad and Sale Johnson initially got married back in 2007 and eventually adopted a daughter together. For the better part of the last six years they have seemed as happy as any couple that lives out their lives in the public eye can be. Their relationship looked even more rock solid when you compared it to the train wreck Sale Johnson’s marriage to New York Jets owner Woody Johnson turned into prior to their divorce.

So, what ultimately caused the demise of this blissful union? Well, according to the New York Post it was a.) jealously and b.) Rashad’s close ties to serial cheaters Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. The first item speaks for itself. The second is a bit bizarre, but that certainly doesn’t make it any less hilarious.

“Sale has asked him to move out,” a source told the Post. “Things appear to be very bitter. He is trying to get her banned from his country club in Florida. And she worries about the influence of known adulterers Woods and Jordan.

“He plays golf with Tiger Woods. He’s also close friends with Michael Jordan, who was living with them for over a year.”

It is sort of amazing that Jordan and Woods have gotten to the point where they’re not just nuking their own marriages, they’re actually destroying other people’s too.

The most pressing question given what we know at this point is, will Rashad get a crack at his wife’s fortune if they do ultimately decide to terminate their marriage?


“Sale has a watertight prenup with Ahmad, so if they divorce, he won’t be walking away with tens of millions,” a different source told the Post.

Rashad has been married three times prior to this.

Fifth time’s a charm, right?

(Kudos New York Daily News)

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