Non-Payment Of Agent Fees Becoming a Problem for UFL?

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Over the weekend, I spoke with quite a few agents who are very upset with the United Football League (UFL).  This time, it has absolutely nothing to do with the UFL’s $150,000 transfer fee.  Instead, agents are up in arms about the UFL’s slow process in paying out agent fees.  In fact, one agent told me that one of the UFL head coaches texted him to let him know that they are not certain that they are going to pay agent fees.

Paragraph 21 of the UFL Player Contract is titled, “Player Agent.”  21(e) allows the player signing the contract to elect to pay his agent through a percentage fee arrangement, flat fee arrangement, or hourly fee arrangement.  No structure may result in the agent earning any more than 3% of the player’s base salary, signing bonus, and performance bonus received by the player.  The following section, 21(f) permits the player to elect to have his team pay his agent directly.  Therein lies the current problem.  Teams aren’t paying out what they owe.

Michael Preston, Communications Director for the UFL, says that payments are being processed.  Agents are not holding their breath.

This article originally appeared on the Sports Agent Blog.


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