Former Agent, Josh Luchs Tells All to Sports Illustrated

Think this might ruffle some feathers? Former agent Josh Luchs was in the business for 20 years. He’s been there done that in the agent business, representing some 60 players over the course of that time.

We read the article on SI.com, and it’s awesome. But, we’ll use Deadspin‘s highlights so you don’t have to read through the whole article (although it’s worth it).

Luchs talks about all the players he gave money to and some of the shady stuff that goes on in agent world. Great stuff.

•Raiders TE [sic, he was a DE] Greg Townsend turned to Luchs, then a ball boy, for a urine sample since he knew he wouldn’t pass a “surprise” drug test.

•Pretty much everyone on UCLA in the mid-90s was taking money from agents.

•Jonathan Ogden didn’t accept money, but he did take Luchs’s tickets to see Janet Jackson in concert. “I went with a 6’9″ guy who weighed more than 300 pounds and who screamed “Janet!” the whole night like a teenage girl.”

•Chris Mims took $500 per month during his senior season at Tennessee. Tony Banks also got paid monthly.

•Ryan Leaf had big-time credit card debt, so he accepted monthly payments from Luchs. He would eventually leave Luchs for Leigh Steinberg, but after signing his pro contract, he paid Luchs back about what he had received.

•Santonio Holmes told Luchs it wasn’t worth talking to him, because Holmes was already receiving regular payments from another agent.

•Dana Stubblefield, J.J. Stokes and Keyshawn Johnson all turned down money from Luchs.

•Gary Wichard never paid money to players, but it was no secret that he may have paid a UNC coach to steer his players to him.


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