College Basketball Agent Selection Predictions: Brigham Young


The world has been overcome with Jimmer Fredette fever.  At least for a couple of weeks, Justin Bieber’s fever has been cured.  For quite some time, many people believed that a full-squad, healthy BYU team had a chance to make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament, and even possibly make it to the Final Four and beyond.  But then Brandon Davies got kicked off of the team, and BYU has seemed to struggle ever since.  Will the fighting Jimmers be able to put it together to make a push in the Tourny?  There are only a few recent BYU alum who have made it in the professional ranks, along with their agents.

  • Rafael Araujo – James McDowell. Currently with Clube de Regatas do Flamengo.
  • Shawn Bradley – David Falk (FAME)
  • Travis Hansen – Rade Filipovich (BDA Sports). Currently playing for BC Khimki in Russia.

Throw Danny Ainge in there, but I am not sure who represented him in his playing days.  Obviously, this is a short list.  And it will likely have only one name added to that list after the 2011 NBA Draft – Jimmer Fredette.  I have been hearing that BDA Sports is pushing hard for Fredette, and may use its connection to the school through Travis Hansen to help secure the absolutely outstanding point guard.

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