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Greg Oden Disconnected From Blazer Teammates

Ben has the transcript of the latest Greg Oden show on 95.5 The Game. I find it interesting that he seems so disconnected from his team right now. When I asked where he was a while back and people assumed he was around the team, just not sitting out on the bench.

But he’s not been in town, even. He plans on being in the Rose Garden for Game 6 Thursday, but he’s had remarkably little contact with his teammates lately and doesn’t appear to have made a lot of progress in his recovery.

I do not understand players not being around their teams in the playoffs. I believe it should be mandatory. Oh yeah, people say he can’t sit on the bench because it’s painful, right?

But it’s fine to get on an airplane and fly back and forth to Ohio? Sorry, but they could make allowances for him in the Rose Garden. They could find him room if he wanted to be there, trust me.


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