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After Unimpressive Marlins Offer, Albert Pujols Turns Back to Cardinals

Were the Miami Marlins ever really series about signing Albert Pujols when they recently hosted him for a free agent visit? Probably not. According to SI’s Jon Heyman on twitter, the Marlins offered him the nine years he wanted, but the total was well below the $200 million he rejected from the St. Louis Cardinals.

“Hearing #marlins opening offer to pujols was extremely light, well, well below #stlcards who bid about $200M for 9 yrs before season,” he tweets with poor use of capitalization.

Why even bother? Are you trying to rally your fan base just by who you host in free agency and not who you sign? I don’t get it.

But, this could end up being good news for Cardinals fan. Bob Nightengale of USA Today says the Carinals and Pujols are now talking again.

“The St.Louis #Cardinals re-enaged in contract talks w Albert Pujols late last night for 1st time since Feb with D Lozano,Pujols’ agent #mlb,” he tweets.

It’s not known if that $200 million is still on the table. But, it looks like Albert is finding out that teams aren’t beating down his door to give it to him.


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