After Tressel’s Departure, Ohio State’s Ray Small Responds to Critics

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Ray Small, an ex-Buckeyes receiver who made headlines last week for some quasi-interesting – we all knew how dirty the situation was down there -- comments in The Lantern regarding the widespread peddling of Ohio State memorabilia amongst players, hasn’t been met with the warmest reception as of late.

Apparently, those rational and sensible Ohio fans didn’t take kindly to one of their own confirming the shady practices, which we all already knew existed.

So, needless to say, Small has been getting some angry tweets, messages, etc.

In response, he has taken on critics in the one arena where men are men and courage can truly be measured. By that I mean Twitter, of course.

“Lol what y'all gone do 2 me that man resigned his self if u don't like me f**k u!!”

Not to get in the way of any angry, ridiculous tweeting – but did the guy really snitch? Granted, the definition of snitching gets re-worked every time someone needs a fresh insult, but is the confirmation of something that is already known, admitted and proven actually snitching?

Personally, I think Small’s biggest crime is that ridiculous Twitter handle. SmallyMcfly? Seriously? You're a grown man, dude.


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