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White Sox Sign Adam Dunn, Turn Attention to Paul Konerko

With Adam Dunn now in Chicago White Sox uniform (subject to physical), the question remains, what about Paul Konerko?

White Sox GM, Kenny Williams, made his intention clear.

"Not only is there still room for [Konerko], it would be the perfect fit from our perspective," Williams said Thursday. "But we can't get too far ahead of ourselves. The one thing Paul and I talked about at the end of the season was to be respectful of each others' positions and be mindful that there is a process."

Paulie is a fan favorite on the South Side and he's a favorite of manager Ozzie Guillen too, a big favorite. There was perhaps no player more instrumental than Konerko in the White Sox 2005 World Series Championship season than Paul Konerko and everyone in White Sox land has a place in their hear for Paulie.

Many people associate the conquering of baseball futility with the 2004 Boston Red Sox who won the World Series for the first time in 86 years. Most people outside of Chicago don't realize that when th eWhite Sox won in 2005, they hadn't won in 88 years! (The Chicago Cubs are now the poster children for baseball futility as they have not won since 1908 (102 years.)

If you think about it, in 2005 when Konerko lead the White Sox to and through the World Series the citizens of Chicago had endured a collective 185 years without winning a World Series!

Most people feel that Dunn was not brought in to replace Konerko and with the exception of days off, that both Konerko and Dunn will end up playing in the same line-up. Dunn, while not a good fielder anywhere is somewhat flexible in that he can function adequately (most times) at both first base and the outfield corner spots. Combine that with the fact that if Konerko is resigned, Dunn's primary role will be in the DH spot.

The biggest question is if Adam Dunn got 4 years, $56 million, what does Paul Konerko get? Offensively, Konerko projects to about .280 / 32 / 101 while Dunn projects to about .250 / 40 / 98. Dunn's walks are what separate the two players however as Dunn projects as having a .381 OBP while Konerko comes in about .356.

Does Paulie get some home town love in the form of money? We'll, if the White Sox are running their shop anything like the Yankees (the Derek Jeter situation), probably not.

Dunn is 30 years old and Konerko is 34, so I don't think you'll see four years at that kind of money, but you'll definitely see an offer of two years and Paulie may be able to work it to three.

Let's call it $14 million for 2 years for Paulie with a club option for a third.......... - Mike Cardano

Mike is the founder of Around the Horn Baseball & Xtra Point Football.

Email Mike @ or follow him on Twitter at MC3SportsMedia

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