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MLB News: Gonzalez to Red Sox, Jeter Caves, Rivera Stays

What a Saturday of Hot Stove Baseball! I thought this was football season? It looks like the Boston Red Sox have struck first in the annual off season game of who can get the best All-Star that they seem play with the New York Yankees each winter.

Major League Baseball has approved a negotiating window for the Reds Sox to negotiate a long term deal with Adrian Gonzalez. The trade with the San Diego Padres reportedly includes pitcher Casey Kelly, First basemen, Anthony Rizzo and center fielder Reymond Fuentes.

Assuming the Red Sox and Gonzalez can agree on a long term deal, this trade will be announced today or tomorrow. Perhaps it might be easier for Gonzalez to get a large scale and just weigh the money he will get ad it will be easier than counting it.

The trade for Gonzalez almost certainly means that the Adrian Beltre (now a free agent) will not be re-signed and fan favorite Kevin Youkilis will move back to third base.

Yesterday the internet was abuzz with rumors that the Yankees were talking to Carl Crawford. Perhaps this was a preemptive strike by the Red Sox. This is actually a pretty nice trade for the San Diego Padres, but I think it's safe to say that the Padres just conceded contending for the NL West in 2011.

Casey Kelly is the big prospect the Padres are getting in return here, as he's considered the top prospect in the Red Sox organization and a future top-of-the-rotation starter. Anthony Rizzo had a breakout year and worked his way up through AA. He's likely be the Padres' future at first base meaning that Kyle Blanks would remain in the outfield. Reymond Fuentes, the cousin of Carlos Beltran is a high-upside, raw 19-year-old center fielder.

As for the Yankees, no new news about Cliff Lee however the Red Sox tried to get Mariano Rivera this week but it seems that he's a true blue Yankee and actually willing to take a two year deal from them rather than a three year deal from the Sox. The Yankees would match anything he could get elsewhere no matter how absurd it is, so there isn't much news here.

Also in Yankee land, so much for a Train Wreck Scenario that many Yankee Haters had been wishing for, as it appears that the Yankees and Derek Jeter have agreed in principle on a $16 million per year, three year deal with a "Creative Hybrid" solution for a 4th year. What does that mean you ask? Well, it means that that 4th year is no vesting option and the 4th year is not guaranteed. The Yankees pretty much got what they want here both in terms of money and years as the Jeter camp finally accepted the fact that they had no leverage and hold out for a better deal any longer made them look silly. - Mike Cardano

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