MLB: Adrian Gonzalez to Right Field, Cardinals, Pujols, Marlins


Adrian Gonzalez Offers to Move to Right Field

With an upcoming stretch of nine consecutive interleague games in National League ballparks, Adrian Gonzalez, arguably the American League’s best first baseman, has offered to move to right field to keep David Ortiz’ bat in the lineup. Upon considering the fact that Gonzalez leads the majors in hitting at .353 with 67 RBI and Big Papi is batting .323 with 17 home runs, one can hardly consider Gonzalez’ logic faulty.

While Gonzalez is certainly not and outfielder, he’s not a complete stranger to the position either. In an attempt to make himself a more valuable commodity to the Texas Rangers, Gonzalez played right field in winter ball in 2005. At the time the Rangers already had an All-Star in Mark Teixeira at first base. Official records show that Gonzalenz started one game for the Rangers later that year in right field catching three fly balls and committing one error.

The Adrian Gonzalez trade has gone as well as could possibly be expected. Eleven games into the 2011 season the Boston Red Sox locked up Adrian for seven more years at $154 million and if his performance going forward resembles any thing like his first half start in Boston, he’ll be worth every penny. Call it, the anti-Jason Bay signing. DOH!

Unselfish actions like this are what legends are made of.

Albert Pujols Injury Brings Back Memories of Cliff Floyd ’95

Sunday’s injury to Pujols brought back eerie memories to a play in a game during May of 1995 at Shea Stadium when Montreal Expos’ first baseman Cliff Floyd collided with Todd Hundley (there’s a guy who disappeared off the map) trying to field an errant throw up the line shattering his right wrist on a bang-bang play at first.

Pujols is now expected to be out 6-8 weeks. How good does the Lance Berkman signing look now? This injury pretty much negates any possibility of Pujols getting his A-Rod-like payday and assuming he comes back as something resembling his former self almost insures that he will return to St. Louis.

Florida Marlins Lose Again

Let’s see, how many ways can we describe it? After starting the season 29-19 following a three-game sweep of the Giants on May 26, lLast night’s 2-1 loss to the Angels was their 11th in a row, their 19th in their last 20 games and their 22nd or out their last 25 games.

New manager Jack McKeon (can you call an 80-year old guy new) wasn’t looking to made friends on his first day on the job as he held struggling All-Star Hanley Ramirez out of the starting lineup. McKeon, known for his hard nosed style of managing, earned the nickname of “Trader Jack” over the years as none of his players were ever able to become content with their jobs and were always held accountable.

At 80-years old it will be interesting to see how much fight McKeon has in him. Think about it, here’s a guy that was managing the Kansas City Royals in 1973. He was a contemporary of Earl Weaver who hasn’t managed in a quarter-century! He’s a peer of the late great Sparky Anderson! I’m guessing that many of our readers aren’t old enough to even remember seeing any of these guys manage! McKeon won it in Florida in 2003 as a spry 72-year old, I’m rooting for a miracle so that the old geezer can do it again. What a story that would be….

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